Economic sensor systems for munitions detection under water

Munition under water

At the bottom of the North Sea, there are large quantities of munitions from both world wars - presumed to be disposed of safely after the end of the war. Due to their progressive decay and the increasing economic exploitation of the sea, however, these contaminated sites are becoming a cost-intensive and dangerous problem.

Currently, the detection of seabed munitions is only substandard in terms of quality and quantity. Existing systems to map the hazardous substances are merely able to map small areas on a random basis and have a detection rate of just 80 percent.

For the installation of infrastructures in the sea, however, the residual risk of a detonation must be ruled out as well. An efficient solution for the detection of the hazardous substances is therefore paramount.


The network partners share the vision of a high-performance and cost-effective sensor platform facilitating an efficient, safe and risk-free detection of old military munitions. The system is to be developed in a modular design in order to identify different harmful substances or carrier objects with various procedures on site at the same time. This will result in a significantly expedited detection of the munitions.

An improved accuracy of classification as well as the targeted development of the procedures for cost-efficient end systems is a challenge the partners would like to take on in the network. In this way, the partners involved contribute to the safety of activities in the economic exploitation of the North and Baltic Sea.

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The network

The Munitect network is an association of companies and research institutions driving the development of economically effective munitions detection systems for underwater use. By means of the cooperation, the competences and variety of experiences from the network partners’ different industries are bundled and experiences are shared.

Within the scope of the network, the members initiate and develop application-oriented research and development projects together with national and international project partners. They need to make a sustainable contribution to the goal of solving the problem of the old military munitions.


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