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ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is expert for naval electronic systems. These include sonar and sensor systems, mine warfare systems, autonomous surface and underwater vehicles as well as command and control systems for submarines and surface combatants. ATLAS ELETRONIK helps nations and their defence forces worldwide with technologies and expertise to make the seas safer and to ensure a free global trade.


Tommy Kaltofen

Sebaldsbruecker Heerstrasse 235
28309 Bremen

Baltic Taucherei- und Bergungsbetrieb Rostock GmbH

Since 1993, Baltic Taucherei- und Bergungsbetrieb Rostock GmbH has been active as a maritime service provider with an international customer base meanwhile spanning 27 countries. Our offer includes engineering services, all types of diving work, ROV services, offshore missions with our own personnel as well as taking on shipping-line functions (all types of ships).

Baltic Taucher is your partner in tasks of planning, controlling and execution of industrial and scientific projects for installation, maintenance, repair and the removal of offshore buildings and all involved services like the transfer of staff and equipment.


Eyk-Uwe Pap

Baltic Taucherei- und Bergungsbetrieb Rostock GmbH
Alter Hafen Süd 3
18069 Rostock
Germany GmbH

The GmbH develops innovative web-based software and integrates spatial data in business processes and applications. Their aim is to design high-performance, safe, and user-friendly applications that are tailored to the customer’s needs. They focus on developing web-based applications for the data acquisition, administration, and analysis. The resulting applications are based on the most recent technological web standards. They follow the customer’s needs exactly and are personalized in their functional range. EGEOS assist customers with the analysis of complex business data and with current topics like Big Data, Real Time Information, the “Internet of Things” as well as geodata.


Jann Wendt GmbH
Einsteinstraße 1
24118 Kiel

EvoLogics GmbH

EvoLogics GmbH is a German high-tech enterprise, founded in the year 2000 by a group of leading international scientists to develop innovative key technologies for the aviation, maritime and offshore industries through interdisciplinary cooperation between engineering and life sciences. Based on bionic concepts, we are active in the fields of underwater sensor networks, underwater communication, autonomous underwater vehicles, hydroacoustics modems, bionic propellers, robotics, and subsea gliders.


Dr. Rudolf Bannasch

EvoLogics GmbH
Ackerstraße 76
13355 Berlin


geoFact GmbH

geoFact GmbH, based in Bonn provides geophysical measurement methods for geologic/geotechnical solutions. The service covers data acquisition, data editing and interpretation. The company is specialized in non-destructive and detailed near-surface underground exploration. Thereby, important planning and decision bases, regarding land development, transportation infrastructure construction, the planning of subterrestrial pipelines or the remediation of disposal and contaminated sites can be offered.


Dr. Tomas Feseker

geoFact GmbH
Von-Hymmen-Platz 1 
53121 Bonn


Innomar Technologie GmbH

INNOMAR Technologie GmbH develops and produces efficient acoustic underwater systems, marine electronics and software. The company was founded in 1997 by engineers after extensive work focusing on underwater acoustics including linear and parametric sub-bottom profilers, power amplifiers as well as analogue and digital signal processing.

The company provides services and offers concerning the development, production and employment of underwater acoustic systems and marine electronics as well as complex services and solutions for surveys worldwide. Furthermore, the employees at INNOMAR develop user specific software for data post processing and general signal processing and distinguish themselves by their expertise in underwater acoustics tasks and applications.


Jens Wunderlich

INNOMAR Technologie GmbH  
Schutower Ringstraße 4
18069 Rostock 

Mull & Partner

Mull und Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft has been working on projects in the fields of environmental engineering and water management for more than 30 years. Our core competences are services in land development (land recycling, soil investigation and deconstruction), in the development of concepts for the remediation of contaminated sites as well as for the investigation of abandoned military sites and the clearance of explosive ordnance. Our range of services is supplemented by expert opinions on water management. The company offers its customers a full range of services, from site investigation, planning and monitoring of remediation measures to completion of the building site. Within the scope of site preparation, all services are also offered as general contractor.


Karsten Helms

Mull und Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
Hans-Böckler-Allee 9
30173 Hannover



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